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Email Marketing

While email marketing has evolved over the years, three facts remain:

1. Email is still cost-effective. 

Especially when combined with other evolving messaging mediums (e.g. text messaging, LinkedIn, Snapchat, IM/Messenger apps, etc.), email remains a great way to re-connect with customers on a regular basis. Knowing when, how & where your customer or community prefers to interact with you is paramount, but email remains an important tool in your digital messaging toolkit.

3. Unlike social media, you own your customer email lists (& websites, too).  

Let’s face it. You don’t really own your social media properties. You’re more like renters – meaning, there are fewer guarantees you’ll be able to build long-term equity the way you can with email. Why?  With social media, the big social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat and others – have TOTAL CONTROL  over how the content you post is actually shared & syndicated. They’re also subject to increasing governmental regulation which can suppress your reach. 

With email, its effectiveness may change over time, but there are fewer questions about who owns & controls your email list – you do!  Conversely, as soon as the latest social media platform becomes publicly traded, they feel pressure to make money. The next thing you know, the reach of your social posts is being “dialed back”  and, suddenly, you’re being asked to pay more to access the “followers” and “likes” you’ve worked so hard to accumulate. With some platforms, your posts may get filtered down to as few as 20 people in your network, unless and until you pay up to “boost” your content posts. While this totally sucks – and it would have been nice if someone had been told you that upfront (i.e. before you spent time & money attracting followers), that’s just not the way it works. Social platforms are in business to make money, too. So when it comes to social media companies – trust no one – and re-calibrate your digital investments frequently. Experiment with new messaging platforms constantly – but do so with your eyes wide open.

3. You have to respect your subscribers….in order to keep them.

With email, it’s more important than ever that you produce good content.and follow best practices in crafting good subject lines, doing A/B testing, and respecting the preferences & privacy of your email subscribers. Otherwise, your emails might get ignored or caught up in SPAM filters.

We can help with all that…and a lot more!

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