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If you’re doing your own social media…how are your juggling skills?

Social Media is a powerful tool when integrated across your business and daily processes. It can also be incredibly time consuming and expensive if you’re not up-to-speed on constant changes in the digital landscape – and/or you hire experienced in-house FTE’s with fully loaded payroll costs.

Why Invest in Social Media? When done right, it is highly measurable, adaptive, target-able and cost-effective. The key to success starts with a solid strategy for community engagement (i.e. a vision), content creation and paid social. From there, it’s important to define meaningful key performance indicators (KPIs), while realistically acknowledging that whatever worked yesterday may not work today or tomorrow. 

The Pitfalls? It’s not a part-time gig. You have to be careful with your Social Media investments of time and money, because the ground is always shifting beneath you. Seismic shifts in technology and consumer tastes, along with rapidly evolving policies and ad rates within the big social media companies themselves, create constant challenges. Moreover, it can be dangerous to invest too much in any single social platform. Most people don’t realize…you do NOT actually own your Facebook or Instagram pages and audience —  you’re more like renters. Prices change all the time — and they usually go up —  so unless you have someone in-house who really knows (i) how to create good organic content, (ii) how to be efficient with your “paid social” budget, and (iii) how to create and grow a community — you may find you’re wasting time and money.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or elevating your existing approach, we’re here to help.

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